“Work, Freedom, National Dignity” was a prominent slogan in the 2011 uprising.

Articles in this section relate to questions about dignity.

Tunisia Rights Group Takes Israel to Court for War Crimes

Building Tunisia’s First Specialized Children’s Cancer Center

Palestinian Students Watch From Tunis as Families Slaughtered in Gaza

Black People Attacked, Evicted in Tunisia after President’s Racist Statement

Children Buried in Secret: The Shocking Story of the Zarzis Shipwreck

Ripping Tunisia’s Social Safety Net to Shreds

Tunisians Find New Road to Europe in the Balkans

Judges Keep Protesting President’s “Judicial Massacre,” Condemn “Virginity” Test

Assassination: Bourguiba & Tunisia’s Transitional Justice Process on Trial

As Omar Drowned 4 Years Ago, Cops Said: ‘Learn To Swim.’ Now They Face Trial