“Work, Freedom, National Dignity” was a prominent slogan in the 2011 uprising.

Articles in this section relate to questions about dignity.

Judges Keep Protesting President’s “Judicial Massacre,” Condemn “Virginity” Test

Assassination: Bourguiba & Tunisia’s Transitional Justice Process on Trial

As Omar Drowned 4 Years Ago, Cops Said: ‘Learn To Swim.’ Now They Face Trial

Food Shortages as Lenders “Suffocate” Tunisia

A Decade After Cops Took Their Eyes, Siliana Victims Still Seek Justice

Protests & Mourning on 11th Anniversary of Revolution

With Covid Lockdowns, Online Child Abuse Soared, Report Finds

“We Can’t Breathe”: Protesting a Toxic Dump in Agareb, Tunisia

Seeking Knowledge While Blind in Tunisia

Cinema for Prisoners Too, as JCC Film Festival Kicks Off