Political Parties Taking to Streets a “Sign of Crisis”

A demonstrator holds an Ennahdha party banner at a demonstration in Tunis on February 27, 2021. Photo by Malek Khemiri, courtesy of Nawaat.

In recent weeks, political parties have taken to the streets for rallies and demonstrations. The move from parliamentary chambers to downtown avenues follows weeks of unrest in January and February, confrontations between demonstrators and police, mass arrests and torture of detainees, and disagreements between President Kais Saied and Prime Minister (PM) Hichem Mechichi over the PM’s proposed ministerial reshuffle. The new party mobilizations reflects what one Ennahdha party official has called a “sign of crisis.”

“A demonstration is not a sign of success. Normally in a democracy, public opinion expresses itself in the ballot box…having to go back to the street is a sign of a process that is not succeeding,” Ahmed Gaaloul, a former minister and adviser to the Ennahdha leader and Speaker of Parliament Rached Ghannouchi told Meshkal/Nawaat.

This article was produced as part of a reporting partnership between Meshkal and Nawaat. To read the full article, click here.