“Work, Freedom, National Dignity” was a prominent slogan in the 2011 uprising.

Articles in this section relate to questions about freedom, rights, and liberties.

Tunisia’s Vaccine Mandate Sparks Small Protests Ahead of Enforcement

Thousands Protest Against President Saied’s “Coup”

Police Violently Disperse Peaceful Demonstrators, Journalists

Concerns over Press Freedom as Journalists Harassed, Detained

One More Protest Against Police Repression after Violence in Sidi Hassine

Bigger Crowds, More Demonstrations For Palestine Across Tunisia on Nakba

Tunisians Rally for Palestine, Demand No Relations with Israel

When Civil Society Groups Tried to Support Protesters, Police Pressure Increased

After 30-Year Jail Sentence for Cannabis Users, Some Demand Decriminalization

Families say Police Abused, Abducted Minors in Mass Sweeps as Protests Continue